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Chapter 3Rights and responsibilities of employees, employers, organisations etc. Part 3-3Industrial action

Division 6Suspension or termination of protected industrial action by the FWC


Division 6—Suspension or termination of protected industrial action by the FWC

3.10 Persons who can apply for an order to suspend or terminate protected industrial action

For subparagraph 424(2)(b)(iii) of the Act, the following persons may apply for an order suspending or terminating protected industrial action for a proposed enterprise agreement:

(a) if the industrial action is being engaged in, or is threatened, impending or probable, in a State that is not a referring State as defined in section 30B or 30L of the Act—the Minister of the State who has responsibility for workplace relations matters in the State;

(b) an organisation or other person directly affected, or who would be directly affected, by the industrial action other than an employee who will be covered by the agreement.


Compilation No. 36

Fair Work Regulations 2009

Compilation date: 11/09/2021

Registered: 19/10/2021

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